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Meet Carina

Benessere Founder & Director

Prior to founding Benessere, Carina had a 20-year executive career as a General Manager at prestigious hospitality businesses in Brazil and the UK, as well as Processes, Continuous Improvement, and Strategy Director in global organisations across different sectors.

She has an MBA in Business Management, specializing in Project Management and Process Improvement - a certified PMI Project Management Professional, Agile, Prince2, and Lean Practitioner.

Through her successful career, she learned that shifting behaviours and improving performance do not happen by chance or overnight - it's the result of consistent and focused effort, a continuous improvement mindset and a strategic plan. So, consistency and a long-term approach are at the core of everything she does.

Her remarkable breath of experience combined with an approachable leadership style and genuine willingness to help businesses thrive are at the heart of all the services she offers through Benessere.​

Carina Martins Nakama
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Carina is an accredited Thinkific Expert and ClickUp Vetted Consultant.

Thinkific is a leading global digital learning management system (LMS), with over 50,000 clients globally, and ClickUp is an awarded system that helps thousands of organisations save time and be more productive.


I believe in authenticity and living with purpose. I appreciate and value the way a genuine smile makes us feel and endeavor to bring this feeling to the businesses I work with. ​At Benessere, I want to help more organisations and their teams achieve wellbeing, reaching their goals with maximum efficiency and minimal stress. ​Customers, team members and business leaders all have a fantastic opportunity to make real connections, and that's the ethos behind all we do. 

Carina Martins Nakama, Founder & Director

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Unlock human capital in organisations through positive work environment, structured training and effective processes.

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Help organisations achieve wellbeing,

balancing positive Quality, People and Financial results.