Carina's journey

Carina Martins Nakama

Carina's journey

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but since 2016 call Warrington home.

I live here with my husband Ricardo, children Aimi and Jun and, more recently, our whippet Luca.

I am proud to be part of a multicultural family: my Italian origins and Ricardo’s Japanese and Korean heritage, combined with our Brazilian upbringing but now living in the UK, mean that our cooking choices are extremely broad, for a start!

When deciding to study Tourism at University, I was driven by a desire to connect with people from all over the world; to find out more about new cultures, travel and work with something that was meant to offer joy to others. More so, I wanted to specialize in Hospitality to be able to provide memorable experiences and work in a welcoming, global industry.

During my journey to develop my career - which led me to leading some amazing and unique luxury hotels - I came to realize, though, that this was in fact a tough industry to work in. Balancing high customers’ expectations alongside tight budgets and ensuring teams’ training needs were met in a 24/7 business is extremely challenging, which meant that on the outset, the work environment was not always the best and performance sometimes struggled.

Yet, I succeeded in making things considerably better and turning this scenario around by focusing on leveraging some key structured business tools and pursuing a calm mindset at work, helping my teams grow so we could, together, achieve greater results.

And I loved it. I have been lucky to meet and work alongside fantastic people with whom I learned a lot, and who trusted me to pursue creative ways to do things, which felt right to us.

Having had the opportunity to support businesses in other areas too, I noticed that, however different, some of the key challenges faced by their teams remained quite similar. And that my serene leadership approach and some of the tools and strategies I used to manage teams in extremely challenging scenarios could, in fact, benefit many organizations.

After completing an MBA in Business Management and further specializing in Project Management and Lean Processes, I decided it was time to bring my experience together into the Benessere organizational development programs, packaging up all that I have successfully implemented through my career into off-the-shelf solutions to help as many organizations as possible.

I have seen the positive changes that inspiring everyone in the workplace to keep a more serene mindset can do to achieve fantastic results, for both individuals and the organization as a whole. And I know how much adhering to continuous improvement techniques can structure a company to grow in a way that everyone can genuinely believe in, and engage with.

I am extremely excited to be able to share this now and help people and organizations become healthier, happier and more prosperous.

You can learn more about my career path on my Linkedin.