It's our birthday!

Carina Martins Nakama

It's our birthday!

I'm 39 today :)

In what seems to be one of the most popular birthday weeks in the year (you know who you are!), I too celebrate another year in this world.

This age has a super important meaning to me (which I will explain in just a moment), but first I want to share some amazing news: for this year's celebration, I decided to give myself a massive gift. Something I've been dreaming about for quite some time, but finally have the opportunity to take out of "draft" mode.

Today, I gift myself with Benessere.

Benessere means wellbeing, and this is what I sincerely want to help people and organizations achieve, as I step into this new journey today.

I really do believe that "happiness is only real when shared", and it is therefore my most genuine wish to make a difference to others, doing something that is meaningful to me, that hopefully others will see value too and - most importantly -, something that honestly works!

Collaborative teams can achieve amazing things when they act together and in synergy. I've seen it happen, having had the privilege to be a part of some fantastic organizations and lead the greatest teams.

Plus, learning with others is an incredibly powerful thing. It's humbling, it connects and it can transform workplaces for the better.

An organization that operates in a serene and steady way - much like a person! - is a lot more likely to become a healthy, happy and prosperous business - and a much nicer place to be. I believe the Benessere programs and lessons will help you get there. One step at a time, with consistency and determination to change.

Carina Martins Nakama

Now, what's with the 39th bday?

So, this good looking guy in this picture is my dad and - you guessed it - the girl in freckles is me. My dad was just the-ni-cest-guy. Really, he was.

He truly embraced everyone and made them feel like they belonged. He danced, he teased, he laughed. Everyone mattered to him. Having reached the height of his career, he worked, and studied, and worked some more, but always remained true to his goofy, humble, genuinely caring way. He was light, he was happy and good. He was a leader!

Needless to say I was his mega master fan.

Sadly, though, he only lived to be 39. He has since remained a very inspirational figure to me, and I always imagined what I would have achieved when I reached his age. Almost most importantly, as I approached this milestone, I started to think about how I would spend the years he never had the chance to...

Well, this new chapter begins today.

Bring it on!